Have Your Voice Heard

POhWER is a charity that helps people who, because of disability, illness, social exclusion, and other challenges, find it difficult to express their views or get the support they need.

Woking with Herts Independent Living Service and VoiceAbility, POhWER provides advocacy services to people across Hertfordshire.

These servies are free, independent, and confidential.

How Advocacy Can Help

It can often be daunting for someone to deal with big organisations such as councils, health services or housing associations when they feel they are not being heard.

An advocate can help you to: 

  • tell people what you need or want
  • understand the information and advice you receive
  • have your views heard or understood
  • support you to make informed choices about the things that affect you

What an advocate can help with

  • listen to you
  • attend meetings with you
  • write emails and letters with you
  • carry out research for you
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Get Advocacy Help Now

If you think you would benefit from advocacy, please contact POhWER Advocacy.

Call the Help Hub on 0300 456 2370 (charged at your standard network rate), open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm


POhWER will ask some initial questions to find out advocacy service is right for you.