Hospital to Home

Supporting Visually Impaired People (VIPS) from Hospital to Home

We at Herts Vision Loss can provide visually impaired and blind people with the support needed when leaving hospital. Whether it is transport home, getting settled back in after a long stay, communication with family and friends or support for living independently, we can ensure it is an easy and stress-free transition.

Are you visually impaired or do you know someone who is?
Are you or do you know a VIP leaving hospital after a long stay?
Concerned about the support you or a VIP will receive once you/they are back at home?

There are many services that Herts Vision Loss provide following on from the ‘hospital to home support’. These include befriending, counselling, home visits, advice on local support groups in your area, help with visual aids and equipment and signposting to other relevant services.

We are here to support the visually impaired community. If you or you know of a VIP to refer, please call our sight line on 01707 324 680 or email quoting: Hospital to home support.

Home Visiting

We have around 65 – 70 volunteers who visit blind or partially sighted people in their homes to help with daily living needs, such as small practical tasks (e.g. reading, responding to mail, paying bills etc) or just providing some welcome social contact. This service can be invaluable in reducing social isolation and loneliness.

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