We publish a newsletter three times a year called Sight News. It is available for free in print, audio and braille formats. The most recent edition, Summer 2018 can be downloaded by clicking here: Sight News Summer 2018 

The audio edition can also be heard below in MP3 format. It is broken it small sections, each covering one part of the newsletter. From now on we will put Sight News editions on this page. If you have any questions, comments or subscription requests please email office@hertsvisionloss.org.uk or call us on 01707 324680.

Listen below to Sight News Issue 150. It is a list of 26 audio files that should playback in your device’s player:

Part one: Front Page

Part two: News from Chief Executive Joanna Carter

Part three: News from out Chairman John Warner-Smith 

Part four: Important Notice

Part five: New South East Vision Loss Advisor Sophie Chapps 

Part six: Hello Volunteers!

Part seven: Counselling 

Part eight: Do I have to pay for my counselling?

Part nine: Guide Dogs

Part ten: Our Sight Lifers take on the Blind Drive Challenge 2018!

Part eleven: LOOK UK

Part twelve: Legacies and Wills

Part thirteen: Blind Golfing in the UK

Part fourteen: Our HVL Picnic 

Part fifteen: Hertfordshire NHS Community Trust

Part sixteen: Audio Description 

Part seventeen: Mobile Electronic Devices for Visual Impairment 

Part eighteen: Sight Life outing in Letchworth 

Part nineteen: Brighton Trip 11th July

Part twenty: Picnic at Diane’s

Part twenty one: Off on a Cruise? 

Part twenty two: Four Swans Vision

Part twenty three: Quiz Night

Part twenty four: Annual Curry Night

Part twenty five: Contact Information

Part twenty six: Last Page