Herts Vision Loss

Herts Vision Loss is the new name for the Hertfordshire Society for the Blind.  You can watch a short video introducing our new name below.

You can also listen to our website by clicking on the Readspeaker Play button above. You can find out more about the options for audio playback by clicking HERE. There is also a range of visual accessibility settings available from the circular drop down menu on the top right of the screen.

We are pleased to announce our new name “HERTS VISION LOSS”.

After months of searching for the best name we are pleased with the choice that our service users have made, supported by all of us here.

You will probably know that The Hertfordshire Society for the Blind was established in 1915 so what better way of celebrating moving through the next century than having a new name?  The charity has come on in leaps and bounds and now helps many blind and visually-impaired people.  Rest assured our name might be changing but the work we do is staying the same.

As we strived to offer support to more people we found out that many people with a visual impairment were not coming to us.  We asked them why and this is what they told us:

  • “I am not blind so why would I want to join in with the things in a blind charity?”
  • “I just don’t like the word blind, it scares me, so I stay away from the charity.”
  • I don’t feel like the charity is very inclusive as it doesn’t mention visually-impaired people”

So, you said it and we did it.  We have changed our name!  

This takes effect from 31st March 2017 and we will be having a formal launch party on 10th June (more details to follow). Along with a new name we have a great new logo.  It is contemporary and  bright, modernising our previous logo.  We hope that you like it.

This new site is still under development but new features and information are being added frequently. Over the coming weeks things will become a lot more ship shape here on our new site. We also wish to thank Jason Hart at http://www.hartfordesign.co.uk/ for gladly donating his time to create our new logo for Herts Vision Loss, much appreciated.

Our new logo in a larger size is displayed below:

Herts Vision Loss logo